What is Domain

Domain Name belongs to your person and is basically a DNS hosted on the internet and is another unique name. There is only one such name as a fingerprint or citizen number. For example, www.htmlstat.com domain belongs to me and can not be used by anyone else.

You can not buy the domain for life, you can only rent it, a large part of the users are renewing the domainin rent yearly. You can only rent it on your own during certain periods of time. With renewal you can extend this ownership.

Domains are classified by extensions like ".com, .net, .org" at the end; com- Used for commercial purpose sites, it is the most preferred domain extension.net- Network is the abbreviation for most informative and commercial-oriented sites about the internet. org-Preferred for non-commercial sites.There are domain names according to each country. Domain is the identity of being on the internet and this is your "Domain Name". When you start to get on the Internet, you are given an Internet protocol number. This is called IP Address (Internet Protocol address). Every computer on the Internet has an IP address. The connection between computers is done via IP address.

Domain is just an image of this number. So instead of typing the IP numbers in the address bar of your browser, you can type in the domains that the IP numbers are coded to reach the desired site. Briefly, domain IP addresses are encoded as letters. It is important that your domain name is convenient, easy, and rememberable.

Top-level domains are the top-level domain names. .com, .org, .co and .net are the most widely used top-level domains. There are many top level domains available. Which one you choose depends on the style of your website. For example, .gov is one of the top-level domain names, but can only be used by government agencies.

Subdomains are the front of normal domains. Some companies set up their blogs with sub-domains.

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