What is Hosting

Hosting means "Domain Name Hosting" service. We call hosting (Domain Name Hosting) which is required for the operation of the sites and which is reserved for you on a server. Your hosting service for your website is provided by the server.

You will use it to publish a website linked to the domain you are renting, and in essence is a storage area that expresses disk, traffic, and connection speed concepts. So on an internet-connected server, your website and all of your files will be published clearly. Hosting Servers are usually kept in special facilities called DataCenter which is specially designed for this business and they serve from there collectively.

If you want to set up a website for yourself, you must first get a domain, then you have to prepare your web site (html, php, asp, photo files etc) Thus, users who want to visit your site can also view your internet site when their domain address is written by their browser.

The hosting service system is actually nothing more than a good computer that is connected to a very fast internete. Of course, if we think that it will be able to publish hundreds of websites at the same time, the equipment will be chosen as a gore, and more importantly it has very fast connection speed and high bandwidth.

Briefly, these computers that store files belonging to your web site and make them available to internet users are called web hosting, and this data storage and publishing is called web hosting.

By renting a web hosting space you will usually get it at other services at the same time. Most importantly, you can create and manage e-mail accounts and receive and send e-mails. Without your hosting domain, you can not manage your e-mails belonging to your domain name and can not send and receive e-mails. So you need to have a hosting area so that you can create and manage your email account.

Some service providers also offer server hosting and virtual server services in your name for more advanced professional requests.

Our hosting services are divided into two, called Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. Depending on your software you can have a hosting service by choosing Linux hosting on Windows.

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